Free AI-Powered Patent Searching Tool

To help you maximize the time that you spend with your patent lawyer, use the below AI-empowered patent searching tool to help you assess your invention before speaking with our team.


Free, Confidential Searching

Perform a free AI-powered prior art search using the below tool. Neither Schell IP nor PQAI store your search terms or history. To learn more about the privacy of the below tool, click the "Privacy" tab at the bottom of the tool.


Unlimited Patent Searches

Schell IP provides this AI searching tool here to make the patent process more transparent for innovators. You can create as many searches as you would like.


Downloadable Results

Save and download a copy of your results to discuss during a initial consultation with Schell IP. This will help our team better understand your concept and advise you on the appropriate next steps to protect your innovation.

Watch video to get searching tips

Please note, it is always best to speak with an attorney to have a formal search performed. Schell IP does not endorse or guarantee the results associated with the below tool. Use at your own risk. If you have any questions regarding the patentability of an invention following your search results, please speak with a qualified attorney.